Digital Marketing

Acquiring traffic for your online marketing program is a business and art unto itself.  And while the web-o-sphere is replete with SEO/SEM practitioners, often what is missing from the conversation in the delivery of these services from both customer and practitioner alike is:

Am I measuring what matters and how will I know when I’ve “won”?

At Rhino, we design search, social, and email programs explicitly tied to a simple, 5-step program. Nothing revolutionary and we don’t take credit for its brilliant simplicity

First, we work with you to:

  1. Define business objectives, i.e. increased brand awareness, improved lead quality
  2. Explicitly define measurable goals for each business objective
  3. Document key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  4. Determine KPI targets (you have to hang your hat somewhere!)
  5. Analyze data for decision opportunities when they are most valuable that compel action and build brand value

Driving traffic becomes more and more complex as your customers attention get splintered across the web, mobile, and the litany of social networks and Rhino work with you and a stream of talented partners to help deliver the most effective custom solution based solely on the cost-benefit need for these services. 

Once you’ve obtained the eyeballs and interest you seek, Rhino can help devise an optimization and personalization strategy for your content that gives your visitors a reason to come back and engage with you and your brand in a measurable and meaningful way. Then it’s wash, rinse, repeat.

Rhino’s Marketing & Optimization Services

  • Google Analytics Audits, Reporting & On-Going Analysis & Optimization
  • Custom Reporting Dashboards
  • A/B Testing
  • Content Audit, Content Assessment, and ongoing Content Editorial Calendar planning




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